Seno Almirantazgo Expedition

Embark on Our Seno Almirantazgo Expedition

If you’d like to explore South America’s largest island and Tierra del Fuego’s first protected marine area, South Adventure’s Seno Almirantazgo expedition is for you. Our friendly, experienced guides will keep you safe, informed, and comfortable on this exciting three-day journey. You’ll be treated to views of stunning lakes, mountains, fjords, glaciers, and more. It really is the adventure of a lifetime!

Trip Highlights

Some of the highlights of our much-loved Seno Almirantazgo tour include:

  • Strait of Magellan
  • Laguna de los Cisnes- Stromatolites
  • King Penguin Reserve
  •  “Draga Aurifera” Golden Dredge
  • Karukinka Natural Park
  • Sub Antarctic Wildlife
  • Caleta Maria Bay
  • Almirantazgo Sound
  • Colony of the Sea Elephant
  • Glacier Nueva Zelanda
  • Darwin Mountain Range
  • Alberto de Agostini National Park


Like all of our South America trips, this one is packed with fun! It begins when you arrive at Porvenir, Tierra del Fuego’s capital. We can pick you up via ferry or aerodrome. Then, we’ll go for a short walk and take in the beauty of Laguna de los Cisnes, which is known for its incredible limestone-stromatolite formations.

Afterwards, we’ll head to the southern tip of the Great Island and explore the Alberto de Agostini National Park. On our way, we’ll spend time at Estancia Onaisin, where you can visit the famed British cemetery. We’ll also stop at the King Penguin Natural Reserve. There, you’ll spend a fascinating hour observing and watching these majestic birds.

Another stop includes Estancia Russfin, where the famous “Gold Dredger,” Draga del Oro is located. As we travel, keep your eyes peeled for native birds, such as the Bandurria, the Caiquén, and the Chilean flamenco.

Finally, we’ll enter the Karukinka National Park. This beautiful, untapped paradise is home to the guanaco, the condor, and the Culpeo fox. It’s also rich in plant life and contains a sub-Antarctic forest of Lengas, Coigües de Magallanes, and Ñirres, as well as mosses and lichens. As we cross through forests and mountains, we’ll point out the almost 300 square miles of forest and peatlands that have been destroyed by beavers. Then, we’ll arrive at the bay of Estancia Caleta Maria, where you’ll view resplendent glaciers, and finally make our way into the park.

A box lunch and an overnight stay at the Lodge Cordillera Darwin are included on this day.

white outline of a hotel with green background      LODGE CORDILLERA DARWIN


On day two, you’ll enjoy a delicious breakfast before heading off on a navigation through the Almirantazgo Sound, which will get you up close and personal with the glaciers of the Parry Fjord. 

From there, we’ll sail between Tres Mogotes Island and keep our eyes open for the black-browned albatross that nest nearby. We’ll also stop at Parry Bary before navigating the Fuegian fjords and enjoying the landscape of the Darwin mountain range. 

We’ll disembark at the New Zealand glacier beach and take an auxiliary boat to view the icebergs. We may even have a chance to taste native wild fruits on our way to the New Zealand glacier. There, we’ll observe the remains of the fuselage of an Argentine bomber plane that wrecked in 1950. Then, we’ll head home and take in all the gorgeous views in the light of sunset.

A box lunch and dinner are included so you stay fueled and energized throughout your adventure.

white outline of a hotel with green background      LODGE CORDILLERA DARWIN


On our last day, we’ll enjoy one final breakfast together before bidding our farewells to the wonders of the southern corner of Tierra del Fuego. We’ll drop you off at the ferry terminal or airport with a box lunch to nourish you on your journey home.

Additional Information

Here are some other trip details you should be aware of:

  • No mobile or internet connection
  • There are no stores on the majority of your journey. The nearest hospital, pharmacy and grocery store are in the town of Porvenir. Therefore, participants must obtain any necessary personal items prior to departure.
  • Bookings are required before the planned arrival due to very limited accommodations. Guests are encouraged to book at least six months in advance.
  • This trip is suitable for people with NO trekking experience
  • Restrictions: NOT suitable for persons with heart problems or other disabilities which may prevent them from safely participating in an expedition without medical support.
  • This program could be subject to changes of direction during the excursion. These changes may affect the order in which the attractions described in this expedition are visited, according to the ferry / plane itinerary, weather conditions, and/or provisions of the Port Authority Armada de Chile.


Does our Seno Almirantazgo expedition sound like the perfect fit for you? Are you ready to embark on this exciting adventure? If so, contact us today to learn more.

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