Arrive in the capital of Argentina. Transfer to the hotel and after a short break we will start visiting Buenos Aires, once called the Paris of the South. We will see the colorful district of La Boca, as well as the beautiful streets of San Telmo. We will visit the Cathedral and Plaza de Mayo - the main square of the city, the site of many historical events, including the May Revolution, as well as demonstrations and protests. Then the elegant and aristocratic district of Recoleta and the famous cemetery which is considered a work of art and the resting place of many famous personalities, such as Evita Peron. Overnight stay in the hotel.


On Day 2 we will travel to Salta. Founded in 1582, it’s known for its Spanish colonial architecture and Andean heritage. You will transfer to the hotel and there will be time for leisure.

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Day 2 we will travel to the Salinas Grandes, passing first through San Antonio de los Cobres, in the heart of the Argentine Puna. Let yourself be captivated by the highlands of the area, the landscapes and the variety of wildlife.

We will leave the city of Salta, on the way to the gate of the Andes, Campo Quijano along route 51. During the roadtrip, you can enjoy the variety of landscapes that this route has to offer. Your experience will include traveling just meters away from one of the most famous train tracks in the world, the Train to the Clouds. We take a break in the town of San Antonio de los Cobres, where you can go for lunch and explore a bit in this mining town. Next, we will continue through the Puna along RN 40 towards the Salinas Grandes to make a special stop at this impressive salt flat. Through the Cuesta de Lipan, we will descend to the town of Purmamarca. At sunset we will be able to see the Cerro de los 7 Colores in the distance. In the evening we will return to Salta. Overnight stay in the hotel.

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We will travel to the city of Humahuaca, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, in the outskirts of the Jujuy province, just a few kilometers from the border with Bolivia. This excursion will allow us to appreciate the most impressive colors of the Argentine North, its culture, its unique towns and its people.

We will leave the city of Salta, through the central area of the city, taking RN 9 and then entering the municipality of General Güemes, through the RN 34. Later on we enter the sister province of Jujuy, where we will have the opportunity to see the great Quebrada de Humahuaca. This area is recognized for its imposing landscapes and its picturesque towns such as Volcán, Purmamarca where we will find the majestic Cerro de los 7 Colores; Tilcara; Humahuaca, the largest town in the canyon; Uquía, a small town where the church of San Francisco de Paula is located, dating back to the 17th century. The church contains the ancient paintings of the Arcabuceros Angels from Cuzco-Peru. It was painted at the time of colonization. You will also see Huacalera, where we will be at the Tropic of Capricorn and finally, La Paleta del Pintor in Maimará.

Humahuaca will be the longest stop. Here you can have lunch and taste the best regional dishes where llama meat is common and also get to know the town and culture. Carnival is a main theme here, since it is the epicenter of this celebration. After lunch, we will start our way back. Overnight stay in the hotel.

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Today we will travel by plane to Puerto Iguazú - a city in northeast Argentina. It is the gateway to Iguazú Falls in Iguazú National Park, with hundreds of waterfalls. After arrival you will transfer to your hotel and have time for leisure. Overnight stay in the hotel.

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Day 5 you will see one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World, the Iguazú Falls. Located within the National Park of the same name, it is about 20 kilometers from the city of Puerto Iguazú, north of the province of Misiones, Argentina. The river that forms the falls, also called Iguazú, starts in the state of Paraná, in Brazil. After traveling around 1,200 kilometers across a plateau, absorbing the flow of the tributaries that it comes into contact with, it reaches a point where A geological fault forms a crack in the plain. Here the river converges with another that has been traversing calmly. Then suddenly, the river rushes rapidly for 80 meters forming the Devil's Throat, the main waterfall. The falls plunge into the depths and then gently flow out for a few kilometers on the Paraná River.

In the Guarani language, the term Iguazú translates to Big Waters. They were discovered by European explorers in the year 1541, by Alvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca. In 1984, UNESCO declared them a Natural Heritage site. One of the most popular places to visit is the Garganta del Diablo Upper Circuit and Lower Circuit and take “La Gran Aventura”, a grand adventure  that you cannot miss on your visit. Known as the "Baptism of the Waterfalls", this excursion combines the adrenaline of being just meters away from the falls and a jungle tour on 4x4’s. After the tour we will come back to town for an overnight in the hotel.

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Day 6 we will cross the border to Brazil to visit the other side of the falls.  Once through customs on the Argentine and Brazilian sides, we will take the Rodovia Das Cataratas towards the National Park do Iguaçu, located in Foz do Iguaçu, Paraná state, Brazil.

The park  is made up of a single circuit of footbridges that is located in front of the falls. The panoramic view of the landscape is truly impressive.

This circuit of footbridges measures around 1,200 meters. Here you will be able to appreciate the falls on the Argentine side.

Near the end of the route, you can appreciate the immensity of the water that falls into the unique Garganta del Diablo. You can feel the force of the river falling and crashing below. Once there, you will find an elevator with glass windows where you can better appreciate the majesty of the falls. Next we visit Parque das Aves, the only institution in the world focused on the conservation of the birds of the Atlantic Forest. This offers a magical experience of close contact with the birds. After that, we will return to Argentina and stay overnight in hotel.

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A full day tour where we will get to see more of the Misiones province. Our first destination is the Ruins of San Ignacio Miní. Along the way we will stop at the Precious Stones Mines in Wanda, which is a deposit of semi-precious stones of quartz crystals, amethysts, agates, topaz, and more. A local guide will be waiting for you at the entrance to tell you about the mine's history. During the tour you will enter the caves where you can see the stones in their natural state and the workshop in the mine to learn about the processing. We continue along the tour observing the Yerba Mate and Tea plantations and visit a yerbatera. The trail is always surrounded by a wide range of greens, reds and other colors that dot the landscape. The tour includes a stop for lunch and relaxation. After crossing through Brazil-Argentina customs, you will travel about 250 km until you reach the Jesuit Ruins of San Ignacio, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1984. The San Ignacio Ruins date back to 1632 and were created by Jesuits in the Americas during the Spanish colonization.  It was built in what can be called the "Guarani Baroque" and is considered the most spectacular example of the 30 missions built by the Jesuits in a territory that currently includes Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. The walk includes a visit to one of the oldest Jesuit buildings, where you can appreciate the architecture and carved stone. There are sculptures of Baroque origin, interpreted and developed by indigenous artists of the time. During the journey there is a sound and light show you are sure to love. In the evening we will return to Puerto Iguazu for an overnight stay in the hotel

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Day 8 we will travel back to Buenos Aires. Once in Buenos Aires we will return to the hotel for leisure time and an overnight stay in the hotel.

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Transfer from hotel to the airport.


This tour is a perfect opportunity to explore Salta, take in the wonders of the Iguazu Falls, and experience all that Argentina has to offer. We also provide unique, tailor-made tours that are just right for you and your traveling companions. To learn more or book your adventure, contact us today.

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